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Modbo 760 geschikt op alle versies ps2
Modbo 760 geschikt op alle versies ps2

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Details: PS2 Modbo 760 Modchip works with all PS2 consoles
* Supports all V1 to V16
* Includes PAL, USA and Asia 7500X
* Full autoboot PS2, PS1 and DVD games
* Complete with macro off, green fix and DVD region free

* Supports DEV1 and DEV2


* Modbo 760 Created specifically for Version 12 Version 13 but works on all models.
* Modbo 760 Wireless installation on 10 main connection Points.
* Easiest PS2 Mod-chip installation for SCPH 70002, SCPH 70001, SCPH 70003, SCPH 70004.
* Install as per modbo 4.0 diagrams - as this chip sits on top of "W" simply connect - to divet leading from point "W" shown on Diagrams. Use a Multi metre to test continuity of the point from the one on the diagram.
v * The easiest ever PS2 modchip installation
* Works on all models PS2 but easy board design makes fitting in SCPH70002 a breeze
* Playstation 2 /PSX Original imports & DVD9 Original imports
* Playstation 2 /PSX Originals & DVD9 Originals
* Playstation2 DVD9 silver
* PS2 DVD Backups
* PS2/PSX CD-r Backups
* Ability to Disable the Chip
* Most points Wireless installation on SCPH 70002
* Compatible with Gameshark and Action Replay
* Compatible with PS2 MediaPlayer 1.50 (DivX, Mp3, jpeg)
* One Chip Compatible with US: v12, v13, v14, v15, v16, v17/v18 Pal: v13, v14, v15, v16, v17/ v18.
* Auto Boot functions fully support all PS2 V14 V15 V16 console. (SCPH 75002, SCPH 77002, SCPH 79002)
* 20 wires soldering for all PSTwo V14 V15 V16 (JAP/US/PAL) PS2 console.
* New low profile design for easy mounting and installation.
* New ON / OFF technology to deactivate the Mod-Chip function.
* Direct boot all PS2 Imports / Backups without the swap method
* ( CD/DVD Silver, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, D9 )
* Support variety of game emulator and Media Player (SFC, SEGA, MP3...)
* Support Action Replay 2 , Action Replay Max and Codebreaker.
* Compatible with SCPH 30002 SCPH 39002 SCPH 50002 SCPH 70002 SCPH 75002 SCPH 77002 SCPH 79002
* Compatible with SCPH 30001 SCPH 39001 SCPH 50001 SCPH 70001 SCPH 75001 SCPH 77001 SCPH 79001

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Datum toegevoegd: 05/01/2008 door Marco van der Burg
Product de volgende dag al in huis. Gemonteerd, let er wel even op dat er schroefjes zitten onder d...

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