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Aladdin XT Plus 2 Chip Werkt op Xbox 1 Type v1.0 - v1.6B
Aladdin XT Plus 2 Chip Werkt op Xbox 1 Type v1.0 - v1.6B

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Details: Aladdin XT PLUS2 (aka xenoFX) modchip for XBOX.

Software features:
*Evox M8plus BIOS 'M8plus_16.bin'
*Play all backups
*Play all homebrew
*Play all original imports
*Run Debug Executables
*LBA48 Hack
*Big hdd (2TB max) support
*Embedded In Game Reset (IGR)
*Compatible with all EvolutionX software
*No-patch hack
*Eject trick hack
*Auto patch new media flag titles
*Support for Xbox 1.6 and 1.6b
*Works on all regions

Hardware features: *Power LED indicator
*Updated core
*LPC bus timing code optimized for flawless 1.6x performance
*Powerful transistor driver for D0 - no need to use short cables for D0 ;)
*Two boot modes; Off-On
*Female pinheader mounted on pcb
*Separate Male-Male pinheader included
*Socket for flash
*Can be flashed (upgraded)
*Compatible with SST 49LF0x0 and 49LF0x0A
*Open tool design
*Compatible with Xbox1 v1.0 - v1.6B

Off - Tap the powerbutton and the Xbox starts as normal with the original BIOS.
On - Press and hold powerbutton for 1 second and the Aladdin XT PLUS2 is activated.

NOTE: The Aladdin XT PLUS2 comes flashed with Evox M8+ BIOS M8plus_16.bin which was developed for Xbox v1.6-1.6b but can also be installed/booted in Xbox v1.0-1.5, however, we recommend you flash a BIOS intended for these versions (e.g. M8plus.bin).

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Datum toegevoegd: 27/10/2016 door f.aglilah
3 besteld en binnen 1 dag gekregen. werken alle drie goed en zijn redelijk makkelijk te installeren...

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