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Xbox Frozen Kabel (Vga+optical out)
Xbox Frozen Kabel (Vga+optical out)

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Details: Xbox Frozen Kabel (Vga+optical out) Locked inside every xbox is a surprising secret: you don't have to play your original xbox games in poor TV quality, you could be playing in Full 16:9 HDTV with Dolby Digital 5.1 stereo sound.

The new Frozen VGA HDTV cable helps you to realize the full potential of the original xbox by allowing you to plug your xbox signal in a vga input.

You can then enjoy all the xbox games in 480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i

Specifications :

5% of all games work in 480i
95% of all games work in 480p
15% of all games work in 720p (and lower)
10% of all games work in 1080i (and lower)

The difference between normal tv and 480p is already impressive (if you would like to visualize the difference, search screenshoots of wii games using component cable (480p) vs. normal av cable).

The cable provide two sound outputs: normal L/R RCA and Dolby Digital Coaxial for optimum surround 5.1 sound quality.

Important information :

This product is for advanced users. Softwares are not provided.

Requires FrostyTheSnowman and Xman954's X2 5035 VGA BIOS v1.0 (fixed) on a modified Xbox.

Does NOT work on Xbox v1.6 and v1.6b for now.

PAL Console need to perform a software switch from PAL to NTSC code. Switch can be done using the software called "ConfigMagic" or "Enigmah Xbox PAL-NTSC Video Selector" .
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